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Even though we all love a good long holiday, sometimes we can only fit in a quick trip in every now and again. We’ve found some great places within a few hours of major cities around Australia that you can duck off to for a quiet weekend away.

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  • Orange
    Location: Orange Sydney New South Wales
    Orange is located about 3 ½ hours from Sydney.
    Surprisingly, Orange isn’t named after the citrus (in fact, apples are the name of the game here), but in honour of the Prince of Orange, who later became the King of Holland. | More
  • Apollo Bay
    Location: Apollo Bay Melbourne Victoria
    Under four hours
    Along the scenic Great Ocean Road is the charming sea village of Apollo Bay. The town is surrounded on one side by ocean and by rainforests on the other so it’s a great way to see the best of both worlds. | More
  • At the Crossroads
    Location: Port Augusta Port Augusta Adelaide South Australia
    Just under four hours.
    Port Augusta has been known as a crossroads for thousands of years, first to the many Aboriginal groups who used it as an important meeting place to trade, and now roads connecting Port Augusta to Adelaide, Flinders Ranges, Alice... | More
  • New Norcia
    Location: New Norcia Perth Western Australia
    New Norcia is just 2 hours from Perth.
    Full of beautiful Spanish style architecture, New Norcia is very different from the rest of the towns in the area as it is Australia’s only monastic town. | More
  • Cowra
    Location: Cowra Cowra Canberra Australian Capital Territory
    About 2 1/2 hours
    Cowra is a pretty and tranquil town that is full of plenty of things to do. From wine tasting, to gardens, fishing and exploring Cowra’s rich history. Cowra is mostly famous for its military history, as well as the Cowra Japanese... | More
  • Byron Bay
    Location: Byron Bay Brisbane New South Wales
    Under two hours
    Even though Byron Bay is in NSW, it’s so close to Brisbane it makes for a perfect break. Wildly popular with tourists during the summer, it’s a great place to explore on the off or shoulder season. | More
  • Robe
    Location: Robe Robe Adelaide South Australia
    About three hours
    Robe is found on the Limestone Coast. You can relax on the beach, explore the town or indulge in tasty local produce such as freshly caught crayfish. As one of the oldest towns in South Australia, there are plenty of heritage... | More
  • Kakadu National Park
    Location: Kakadu National Park Kakadu Hwy Darwin Northern Territory
    Kakadu National Parkis a place you can just keep going back to and uncovering more and more secrets. | More
  • Tumut
    Location: Tumut Tumut Canberra Australian Capital Territory
    Under three hours drive from Canberra
    There’s more to Tumut than just being a palindrome. As one of the main towns in the Snowy Mountains Hyrdro-Electric Scheme, Tumut is found nestled in the pretty Tumut River Valley. | More
  • Stunning Stop
    Location: St Helens Medeas Cove Hobart Tasmania
    About three hours
    St Helens boasts the mildest climate in Tasmania (some Melbourne winters can be colder) thanks to its protection from the neighbouring hills and warm ocean currents. | More