At the Crossroads

13 January 2011

Port Augusta has been known as a crossroads for thousands of years
Travel time from Adelaide: Just under four hours.
Directions: Take the Port Wakefield – Port Augusta Rd north to Port Augusta, about 300kms away from Adelaide.

Port Augusta has been known as a crossroads for thousands of years, first to the many Aboriginal groups who used it as an important meeting place to trade, and now roads connecting Port Augusta to Adelaide, Flinders Ranges, Alice Springs, Perth and Whyalla allow people to reach this great place.


Found at the head of the Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta is a great base to explore the Flinders Ranges. It’s also a perfect spot to take a quick break as there are plenty of things to do in and around the area.


The first stop should definitely be the local tourists centre. The Wadlata Outback Centre is not only a great place to get information on Port Augusta, the Flinders and the surrounding area, but Wadlata’s multi-award winning attraction ‘Tunnel of Time’ is a fantastic experience that tells of the origins of the outback via interactive exhibits and films.


Another spot to visit is the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, which has plenty of great walks and almost 250 hectares of gardens to explore. There is 12kms worth of walking trails to explore, from the super easy 800m Eremophila Loop, which takes you through some of the Garden’s highlights, or the longer 4.5km Red Loop which shows off a diverse range of environments, past the gulf where dolphins can be sighted and too the dramatic Matthew Flinders Red Cliff Lookout.


Being next to the Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta is a great place to throw a line or two. There are plenty of fishing spots, such as the old bridge, jetties, wharf and plenty more, especially during summer. A beach is there to cool off in summer and the Port Augusta Outdoor Adventure Centre is the spot to hire bikes, canoes, kayaks and plenty more, even offering weekly learning sessions for various water sports.


Port Augusta is a great place to visit, whether you want to escape for a short break, or are stopping on along the way of exploring the Flinders and outback.

By Sarah Tierney