Stunning Stop

14 October 2010

St Helens is the gateway to some of the most stunning scenery in Tasmania
Travel time from Hobart: About three hours
Directions: Take the Tasman Highway north-east to St Helens.

St Helens boasts the mildest climate in Tasmania (some Melbourne winters can be colder) thanks to its protection from the neighbouring hills and warm ocean currents. Because of that, it’s a popular stop on the East Coast for people to explore or fish.


Overlooking the gorgeous Georges Bay, St Helens is just 10km from Binalong Bay and the start of the Bay of Fires, beautiful white sandy beaches the stretch north to Eddystone Whitehouse.


The port town is the largest town on the north-east coast. There is plenty to do in town, and a visit to the St Helens History Room on Cecilia Street is a must to learn about its whaling and mining past. There are also plenty of great walks to do around town, such as the walk to St Helens Point (one hour return) or the Humbug Point Reserve’s collection of walks from Binalong Bay to Moulting Bay (6 hours return, but there are access points to shorter walks).


Whether you’re visiting St Columba Falls, fishing in the famous waters or exploring the area around St Helens, it’s a pleasant place for a short break from the daily hustle and bustle.

By Sarah Tierney