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Rob & Marg on Tour

  •   After twelve months of travelling around Australia we have finally finished the last leg of the trip (the Snowy region, ACT and the South Coast of NSW). We’ve packed up the contents of the van and we’re back home – ready to recall at... | More

Park Profiles

Forster Beach Holiday...

Forster Beach Holiday Park has got to be the Holiday Coast's best accommodation location. We stayed here and parked right up against the... | More

Quick Trips

Margaret River, WA
  Exquisite locally produced cheeses, jams, olives and fresh seafood will whet anybody's appetite. For the sweet-toothed holidaymaker... | More

More travel articles

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      Arriving in Norseman after crossing the Nullarbor was the end of one adventure, and the gateway to... | More
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  • Magical Mataranka
      If you are travelling through the centre of the Northern Territory, make sure you allow a couple of... | More
  • Island Escape
      Covering an area of over 4500 square kilometres, Kangaroo Island, or KI as it is called by the locals... | More
  • Coastal Treats
      South West Rocks, just south of Kempsey on the east coast of NSW, is a top spot on the RV tourer's... | More
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        The expression 'hasten slowly' definitely applies to travel around the NSW coast. In the... | More
  • The Promise of the...
      Wilsons Promontory may be a much loved icon for many Victorians, but the most southerly point on the... | More
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      The coastline around Cairns is certainly scenic – but the humidity can put off many winter sun... | More