$50,660 - 55,660 AUD

Kimberley is one of the few truly innovative companies in the RV industry. You just have to glance at one of its units to see that what it offers is like no other. Take the Kimberley Karavan, for example. In tow it appears to be no more than a large camper, but set up, it’s a full-sized, hard-walled caravan with all the creature comforts. And if you see one in a holiday park, the urge to knock on the door and explore is almost irresistible.


The Kimberley Kamper range of campers is no different. Built with high-tech materials, they look like space-age military units ready for deployment in the nether regions of the universe. And like Pandora’s box, they are infuriatingly compelling, with all those lids, trays, boxes, buttons, zips and ties begging to be played with.


The Platinum is the top of the range Kamper, and it was my toy to play with for a while. There are so many features to consider I couldn’t possibly convey them all here, so consider this review as more of a highlight.


We towed with a Toyota LandCruiser, which is overkill for the Platinum’s one-tonne tare. The tow vehicle you choose will be based on the terrain you intend to tackle, rather than any towing limitations.


Kimberley has a full-time Customer Service Manager and a national dealer and servicing network.




The Kamper is intended to go wherever your 4WD can go. The width and wheel-tracking are similar to a 4WD, which is important for tight navigation.


The chassis is laser cut, interlocked and hot-dipped galvanised steel. The suspension is very beefy, comprising 2000kg independent coil suspension and mono-tube Fox shock absorbers.


The brakes are equally impressive, with over-ride hydraulic discs for superior heat dissipation and consistent operation, even in the wet.


The Kamper incorporates the DeflectaShield system, which comprises the Rhino coated gull-wing lids, side corner stone shields, mud flaps and stainless protection strips. The internal frame uses a one-piece poly liner that acts as insulation as well as a water and dust barrier. The canvas tent is sealed inside, a feature unique to Kimberley.


There are three gull-wings to the front of the Kamper. The front is for fuel, generator and extra solar panel storage. The driver side is for general storage and includes a nice, big drawer (optional). The passenger side provides a smorgasbord of toys to play with. There is a panel of switches to operate LED strip lights, heater and pump. Two shelves are built in to put sauce bottles and other items that need to be readily accessible. The 135L pantry pulls out on high-quality ball bearing slides and has a cupboard door so you can get inside without having to always slide it out – important when you are cooking.


A very big 75L fridge slides out next to the cookers and pantry. The stainless steel sink slides out from within the camper and creates an ideal U-shaped kitchen. The sink section has an extendible bench top and storage within. It’s almost inconceivable that so much kitchen comes out of such a small space. The utility is easily equal, if not superior, to many caravans.


Erecting the camper couldn’t be easier. Undo the latches, swing the lid up and over, and the camper just pops open like a diorama in a child’s pop-up book. The living area has a couple of poles inserted and then you’re done. Packing up is the reverse: a little care has to be taken that the sides tuck in nicely, but it is really very little effort.


The clamping system is designed to provide a dust-proof seal. Speaking of dust, the underneath of the Kamper has all joins, screws, rivets, wire and pipe entry points completely sealed up.


The awning covers the front and kitchen side of the Kamper, and is mounted on poles that slot into the Kamper’s body, so no ropes are required. You can leave the awning zipped on, too, for less hassle packing or setting up.


The Platinum comes well watered. The sink has an automatic water pump, there is a hot and cold water shower, a compact diesel instantaneous hot water system, and a Visiflow system to pump water from an external source, such as a stream.




Chassis: Laser-cut steel, welded and hot-dipped galvanised
Frame construction: Zinc anneal body skins, alloy storage box and alloy frames
Window: Roll-up windows with midge-proof screens
Insulation: Canvas
Corner jacks: No
Water tanks: 110L rear (standard), 70L front (optional)
Water tank covers: Galvabond and aluminium sheeting
Coupling: Treg Off-Road
Suspension: Fully independent, coil springs and monotube shock absorbers
Clearance: Off-road
Brakes: Hydraulically activated 12in discs
Wheels: 15in steel wheels, can be matched to vehicle
Tyres: Goodyear Wrangler 31/10.5 R15 ATR, can be matched to vehicle
Awning: 2m x 6.7m Kwik Awning Dual Inte grated LED and zip for walls
Boots(s): Three storage compartments in front box
Stone guard: Integrated in front storage box, angled down to deflect stones
Gas cylinder size/s: 2 x 4kg
Hot water: Plate heat exchanger with Webasto diesel heater
Battery: AGM 200Ah
Battery charger: 40A charger
Solar panels: 2 x 40W fold-out solar panel suitcase and 20W permanent mounted to box
Solar provision: Extra Anderson plug inlet on storage box
Entrance door/flyscreen: All entrances and windows feature midge-proof screens
Tap on A-Frame: Yes, manual hand tap




The Kamper uses a tropical roof design that erects automatically upon opening. Kimberley claims up to a 20% reduction in the inside temperature as a result.


All-weather windows are available courtesy of some very clever design. A pole-less system raises a weather shield on the outside of the windows, allowing you to keep them open even when it’s raining.


The bed rises on gas struts and underneath is storage that most people use for clothes. The storage also pulls out on rollers as a drawer, and thanks to clever design it can even be pulled out for easy access when the Kamper is all packed up.


LED strip lighting is available inside, as well as two reading lights at the top of the bed. Under the mattress is a temperature controlled, waterproof membrane heater that operates off 12V electricity. It’s perfect for drying out the mattress or keeping you cosy at night. The bed base is an inert material that won’t absorb moisture, and an air gap is placed beneath the base for insulation and prevention of moisture build-up. Keeping you cosy inside, there is also a space heater; although not standard, it is highly recommended for off-season camping.


The energy features of the Platinum really allow it to shine. It comes with a 200Ah AGM battery system, a 40A charger, digital power capacity meter, and 500W inverter. Coupled to this are two 40W solar panels.




Fridge: Autofridge 73L eutectic
Television: No
Antenna: No
Music system: No – optional DVD/CD/tuner/MP3 player
Cooking equipment: Stainless steel BBQ with separate trivet for baking, boiling and grilling plus 14.5Mj large single WOK burner
Microwave: No
Heating: Webasto Air Heater (optional)
Cooling: 12V Mag lev fan integrated with canvas
Lighting: 10 sets of special Hi-White LEDs
Cupboard finishes: Stainless steel and painted aluminium
Type of latches: Various
Sink: Stainless steel
Sleeping configuration: Queen bed plus room for children on floor or optional second bedroom
Berths: Two standard, 5/7 with optional bedrooms
Bed size(s): 2030mm x 1530mm
Mattress: Dual layer – soft comfort top, firm supportive base
Under bed storage: 1 x large slide-out drawer
Privacy screens: No
Bathroon configuration: Kwik Canvas Ensuite – attaches to side of tent
Shower head: Lockable on/off trigger activated
Towel racks: No




Exterior: 5/5
Interior: 4/5
Layout: 5/5
Kitchen: 5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall: 5/5




This is certainly an expensive camper; however, it is so full of features that it easily competes with a caravan for comfort. Setting up and packing up is very quick and easy, and you can go places that would be inconceivable in a caravan (or would require one that is more than twice the price).


The Kamper Platinum offers the best in off-road camping ability and amenity, and when you consider the possibilities and alternatives, it starts to look like a bargain.




Make and model: 2010 Kimberley Kamper Platinum
Chassis number: N/A
External body length open: 6.5m
External body length closed: 4.5m
External width closed: 1910mm
VIN Tare Weight: 1080kg
Ball Weight: 120–180kg




Contact person: Ron Borton
Company name: Kimberley Kampers
Address: 20–24 Piper Rive, Ballina NSW 2478
Phone: (02) 6620 6810
Fax: (02) 6681 3680
Email: [email protected]


Please Note: Prices were correct at time of review.