Off Track

$65,900 - 75,900 AUD

Australia is such a big and amazing place that even if you only travelled the bitumen parts of it, you wouldn’t be able to see it all and would still find something new around every corner. But for those who like to take advantage of the more remote and secluded areas of our fine brown country, you might want to check out Track Trailers and its Topaz.


Track’s background is in extremely capable off-road camper trailers. Lightweight, fancy looking, great to tow, but way too small for all of the comforts you really want on the road. The Topaz, though, the company’s go-everywhere off-road caravan, rectifies all of that.


We had our tester hook up to a 4.2L GQ Patrol, a great old reliable tow vehicle that takes all of the rush out of driving.


On the dirt and gravel they were a great combination, but if you were doing a few bit more highway kilometres, something a bit more powerful might be nice.




Wherever possible, Track Trailers has its parts laser cut with the aid of very expensive computer-controlled equipment. The end result is a package that is perfect almost every time.


A first look at the van makes you wonder if you are towing something in 2010 or 2020. Its smooth features, well-designed styling and obvious off-road ambition seem well ahead of its time. What we liked about the Topaz, though, is that behind the good looks is a very well thought out and functional caravan. The walls are what Track calls a Tri Wafer Composite, which Track makes on site.


They are fully insulated and lightweight so you aren’t towing unnecessary bulk.

Track has also fitted a door with security and midge-proof mesh so your outside living space in not obstructed.


Underneath, the van features Track MC2 suspension. This unique design was originally used by the Australian Defence Force, which needed highly mobile trailers that could take anything thrown at them.


Track has further developed it for its caravan range, including the addition of a second shock absorber per side. The result is a van that glides along behind the tow vehicle without any of the harshness you might expect from an off-road vehicle. We towed over highways, dirt roads and some corrugations, and were only limited by the Patrol’s ability.


The external storage is all very easy to access. Lift-up panels along the sides and back provide generous boot space, a pull-out BBQ for pleasant evenings or roadside stops, and most importantly the hot and cold shower.


The latter is used with the addition of a tent-style shower room, which is easy if only a little time consuming to put up. On the matter of bathrooms, the Topaz is without one, although can be supplied with a Porta-Potti.


The front of the van is protected by a chip-resistant coating and steel stone guard. There is also space for four jerry cans of fuel, water or both. Our tester was also fitted with a fridge box (big enough for most 40L fridges), a generator box and two bike racks. Gas bottles are stored in the rear boot and permanently plumbed to the kitchen.




Chassis: Track’s own Type 3 Chassis design. Consisting of RHS in varied thickness and lengths, combined with torque tubes, which is jig-welded to maintain consistency/quality and hot-dipped galvanised to prevent rust
Frame construction: Tri Wafer Composite wall structure with built-in insulation
Windowa: Tinted acrylic cut to shape.
Insulation: High-density closed cell foam
Corner jacks: Four
Waste water common outlet: Yes
Water tanks: 2x 70L
Water tank covers: Yes
Coupling: DO35
Suspension: MC2 Asymmetric link Suspension featuring twin Koni shocks
Clearance: Off-road
Brakes: 12in electric drum
Wheels: 16in steel
Tyres: Goodyear Wrangler ATR
Awning: Mechanical wind out
Boot(s): Custom boot with fridge slide, reinforced gear rack and loads of storage in both sides, separated by a fully sealed partition
Stone guard: Custom Steel Stone deflectors
Gas cylinder size/s: 2x 4L
Hot water: 14L hot water gas and electric 240V
Battery: 100Ah fully sealed battery
Battery charger: Projecta Intelli-charge 12V, 15A, and seven-stage Switchmode with Multi Chemistry
Solar panels: N/A
Solar provision: Capacity for 2 x 80 solar packs
Entrance door: Suicide
Tap on A-Frame: N/A




The van is a pop-top, although even locked down there is enough headspace to move around. Great if you left something in there or want to get to the fridge but don’t plan on stopping. The interior layout is very simple in its configuration with the kitchen up one end, table in the middle and bed at the other end. The beds are queen sized as standard, but a king extension is available.


The lighting around the van is exceptional. LEDs ring the inside perimeter, run up the centre of the roof, and are more concentrated over the kitchen where you need them most.


The electrical system is very well labelled and easy to use. They have even put all of the most important switches near the door so you can turn them on as you go in.


Storage is almost limitless with a near full-height wardrobe, hidey-holes seemingly everywhere, and an extensive range of kitchen drawers. All of the cupboard doors feature compression lock and travel lock latches to make life easy. The kitchen is well thought out with a generous amount of bench space. The four-burner stove and grill are great and the rangehood vents outside of the van, not just into a wall cavity.


Track claims a seating capacity of up to five, but they are either all very small or very good friends. It is comfortable with two and probably bearable with four (two kids). Our only real concern with the van was the table in its travelling position. The design of its pivoting base allows it to move around slightly, and we found a few dents on the interior wall as a result.




Fridge: Waeco 80L
Television: N/A
Antenna: Antenna plug and wiring extension is available for use with a portable antenna
Music system: Panasonic 4x50W iPod connect and charge with two 4in speakers
Cooking equipment: Four-burner internal cooker with grill. External stainless steel BBQ. Optional Tvan external kitchen (two-burner cooker with pressed non-stick BBQ plate, wind deflector, large sink, cutlery drawer and internal storage)
Microwave: Provision for customer supply
Heating: Optional – Truma reverse-cycle air conditioner
Cooling: Truma reverse-cycle air conditioner
Rangehood: External venting rangehood with cooking lights and large venting capacity
Lighting: Roof-mounted fluoro diffused lighting. Fluoro cooking lights around the bench and preparation space. Halogen reading lights around the seating and bed area. All lights can be up graded to LEDs as required
Smoke alarms: Yes
Gas leakage detector: N/A
Cupboard finishes: Powdercoated
Latches: Latches vary from compression catches on lockers to slam shut with deadbolt for the door
Lounge configuration: A single seater and a two-seater sit opposite each other with a freeswinging table in between
Seating capacity: Four using the bed as an extra seat. Five if you bring a chair in and put it on the end of the table
Upholstery: Grey leather
Sink: Yes
Sleeping configuration: Customer specified
Berths: One
Bed size(s): Double length, queen width
Mattress: High-quality Dunlop foam
Under bed storage: 2x 40L plastic storage boxes
Privacy screens: N/A
Bathroom configuration: External shower tent, hot and cold water
Privacy door: Yes
Toiler: Bio Pot 30
Toilet provisions: N/A
Toilet roll holder: N/A
Shower head: Adjustable for three kinds of flow
Washing machine: N/A
Clothes dryer: N/A
Towel racks: N/A




Exterior: 4/5
Interior: 3.5/5
Layout: 3.5/5
Kitchen: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall: 4/5




Starting at just under $60,000 for a base model, you are getting quite a lot of trailer for the money. Considering there are a number of flip-top camper trailers on the market that are harder to set up, have less room and luxury but cost only a fraction less, the Topaz does offer good value for money. Definitely worth buying.




Make/model: Track Trailer Topaz Murranji
Chassis: Type 3 chassis with MC2 suspension
External body length: 5920mm
External width: 1990mm
VIN Tare Weight: 1550kg
Ball weight: 70kg
NB: length and width are external measurements of the vehicle shell (and awning) only




Contack person: Track Trailers sales staff
Company name: Track Trailers
Address: 403 Dorset Rd, Bayswater, VIC 3153
Phone: (03) 8727 6100
Fax: (03) 8727 6120
Email: [email protected]


Please Note: Prices were correct at time of review.