Detailed Differences

$62,980 - 72,980 AUD

With the Nissan Navara tow vehicle out the front, we were halfway towards finding the excitement you want when you hit the road. Perhaps that’s why the Nissan is a well-established, top-selling SUV.


Certainly the car has the street cred’ to take you anywhere. What’s more, it looked good in front of the Supreme Spirit caravan.


Among the range of SUVs that Nissan manufactures, including the Patrol, X-Trail, Murano, Pathfinder and Navara, the Navara is either a ‘soft’ commercial or a ‘lifestyle’ SUV, depending on how you look at it.


From any aspect, this is a tow vehicle with the runs on the board when it comes to reliability and comfort. Certainly, it is among the leaders on towing, ride and handling criteria. Importantly, the Supreme sat in nicely behind the Nissan as we towed it towards our location. Its conventional style looked good running along the road.


While conventional styling is the order of the day for many entry-level caravans, the downside is that sense of sameness – the lack of that intangible touch of excitement.


Simply put, if you’d fancy Renee Zellweger over Angelina Jolie or Hugh Grant over Johnny Depp, then this RV is for you.


Don’t get me wrong. From the outside the Spirit is a tidy and attractive RV. Although, its shape and style is reminiscent of many similar caravans like Windsor’s Genesis for example.


That’s a problem for the marketing people at Supreme. For the buyer, the differences are in the details.




The Supreme Spirit is nicely finished with pebble guard to add some protection against on-road wear and tear. The black windows, moulded rear insert and wheel spats do give a sense of style likely to put a smile on the dial of many touring nomads. While many similar vans sport pebble guard, the extra trim detail helps set this van apart from many of its competitors.


Black trim and windows – that’s a cautious move towards cool. To its credit, the Spirit carries twin front boot doors. Many argue this increases ease of access and usability.


For me, the jury is still out. While the accessibility argument is contentious, it does mean you don’t need to open the entire boot when one side will do. From under the large awning, the Supreme Caravan hides a BBQ that slides out from a small side hatch, swivels into position and you are good to throw on a lamb chop or two. Once again, the detail tells the story. While the BBQ is convenient on those balmy tropical nights when the lure of cooking outside is overwhelming, there is also a hidden danger.


On the review van, the lever that enables the Swift BBQ to swivel into position is underneath the cooker. That’s no problem other than the fact that the aluminium tray on which the BBQ rests had a razor-blade sharp edge that sliced through several layers of skin on the dealer’s hand that demonstrated the device. All it needed was a few cents worth of rubber to make it safe. Let’s not put too fine a point on the problem – a good idea ruined by a poor finish.


Beyond the outside BBQ, the van held two 80L water tanks, which is probably just enough for four or five days of touring without refilling. On the other hand, the gas supply was plentiful with two 9kg gas bottles. You will run out of water long before you finish the gas.


Underpinning the lot is the solid constructed chassis, spelling longevity if cared for properly. The chassis includes a three-arm rear bumper that should be capable of taking an occasional knock.




Chassis: 6in A-frame, 4in chassis
Frame construction: Meranti timber frame
Windows: Camec
Insulation: Yes, polystyrene
Corner jacks: AL-KO drop down
Waste water common outlet: Yes
Water tanks: Two tanks
Water tank covers: Yes
Coupling: 50mm towball
Suspension: Roller rocker suspension
Clearance: Standard
Brakes: Electric drum brakes
Wheels: 14in
Tyres: Dunlop SP Road Grippers 15
Awning: Dometic
Boot(s): Two-door front boot
Stone guard: Yes, chequerplate sides and front
Gas cylinder size/s: 2x 9kg
Hot water: Suburban SWDEA, 23L, gas/electric
Battery: AC Delco 97Ah Marine/RV maintenance free
Battery charger: Smart Charge BC-012-30AT
Solar panels: No
Solar provision: Yes, prewired for panels
Entrance door: Camec
Tap on A-Frame: Yes




You don’t really get to see the best of this van until you step inside. In the main, the interior was handsome to say the least. A queen-sized island bed complemented the very comfortable leather dinette in a simple yet efficient layout.


The fold-away table means not having to lift a heavy table and aluminium leg while desperately searching for somewhere to store them.


The arrays of conveniently placed appliances, including a raised fridge, are sure to make preparing a meal for two hassle-free. That’s especially the case considering the kitchen’s large slide-out pantry.


The review van’s black trim that set off the outside is reflected in the inside with a black patterned table and matching bench tops. This is the sort of attention to detail that makes a caravan feel like a properly designed and co-ordinated unit. It is the sort of thing that is the difference between a usable, functional van and one that should be your home away from home. Or to quote that wonderful Aussie movie, The Castle, “It’s the vibe,” and something that helps you, “Feel the serenity”.


As for the more pragmatic things, the interior had plenty of storage including under-seat and bed storage.


Although you aren’t likely to pick up a splinter while looking for the pizza cutter, a look at the backs of cupboard drawers showed the kitchen furniture finish was a little rougher than necessary.




Fridge: Dometic RM2553
Television: ONIX 19in LCD TV HD/DVD
Antenna: Winegard wind-up boosted antenna
Music system: JVC CD/DVD/MP3 player, 2 x internal speakers, 2 x external marine speakers
Cooking equipment: Swift Series 4 3x gas burner, 1x electric element, grill, oven
Microwave: Sharp Carousel R-230L
Heating: Air Command Ibis reverse-cycle air conditioner
Cooling: Air Command Ibis reverse-cycle air conditioner
Rangehood: Supreme stainless steel
Lighting: 2x room fluoros, 1x over sink/counter fluoro, 2x lounge mini spots, 2x bedside mini spots
Smoke alarms: Yes
Cupboard finishes: Picture frame
Latches: Handle and push-lock back catch
Lounge configuration: Cafe dinette with tri-fold table
Seating capacity: Four
Upholstery: Leather
Sink: Stainless steel sink with drain tray
Sleeping configuration: 1 x queen-size bed
Berths: Two
Bed size(s): Queen
Mattress: Inner spring
Under bed storage: Yes
Privacy screens: No
Bathroom configuration: En suite
Privacy door: Yes
Toilet: Thetford c-250 ceramic bowl toilet
Toilet roll holder: Yes
Shower head: Yes
Washing machine: Lemair
Clothes dryer: No
Towel racks: Yes




A first glance, the Supreme Spirit presents a conventional-looking, sturdy RV easily capable of turning your camping experiences into worthwhile and lasting memories of wonderful adventures on the open road.




Interior: 4/5
Layout: 4/5
Kitchen: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall: 4/5




Make/model: Supreme Spirit
Chassis number: SE4783
External body length: 6m (19ft 8in)
External width: 2.44m (8ft)
Vin Tare Weight: 1962kg
Ball weight: 171kg
NB: Length and width are external measurements of the vehicle shell (and awning) only




Contact person: Bill Creswick
Name: Lifestyle RVs
Address: 1200 Ipswich Road, Moorooka, QLD 4107
Phone: (07) 3848 0000
Fax: (07) 3848 2300
Email: [email protected]

Manufacturer: Supreme Caravans

Manufacturer’s phone: 1800 201 980
Manufacturer’s Email: [email protected]


Please Note: Prices were correct at time of review