Truckies Vs. Caravanners – Rest Stop War at Boiling Point


Just recently I got talking to a truckie down in South Australia, who told me a story that I’ve heard too many times before. The short of it is that this truckie pulled into his designated rest area on time to stop and rest, which as we all know is the law truckies must abide by. The problem was that three or four caravanners were also pulled up here, and had parked up for the night in the truck parking area of the rest stop. I can tell you right now that truckies are absolutely fed up with this – it’s a nationwide problem, and I’m on their side. Truck drivers keep this country alive, and need to be shown the respect that deserves. I say it so often, and it’s true – we’re on holidays, they are at work.

Now, this is not a new issue we’re discussing today. However, it’s an issue that I can’t believe hasn’t been looked at as a serious problem yet. These truckies are being almost forced into illegally continuing to the next rest area due to caravanners parking where they shouldn’t. However, are the caravanners to blame? Should we be jumping down vanners’ throats because they’ve chosen to stop and rest rather than continuing on?

Yes, some vanners are doing the wrong thing and using these rest areas just to save a few bucks and not staying at the caravan park, 10 minutes down the road, however I think it’s important that us caravanners have the ability to use these rest areas. The problem is, it’s not easy to do so without affecting truckies and their schedules.

Who’s to blame and what’s the solution? Well I reckon it’s time the government takes action and bring equality to the issue by opening up designated RV parking at rest areas, so that we don’t impact truckies. It doesn’t have to be at every rest area, caravanners just need to know that there’s an RV-friendly option for them. Then, if some rude RVer parks in a truck parking area, they can get reported and get fined.

It’s time that truckies and caravanners work together to create a safer and more respectful culture on the road, and I think it’s time we all stand up and tell the government that there’s a serious problem here that needs to be fixed.

Tell me your thoughts – would RV-specific rest areas solve this problem? Or is it just a small few that are spoiling it for the rest of us? Email me at