Let’s look at some tips for keeping your RV spick and span


There are myriad products available to take care of your RV, and some of them are chemical-free alternatives that are kinder to the environment. Try these tips to help you keep on top of it all.


All RVers should keep a soft broom and a bucket in their kit. They have multiple uses, and with some water, a mild detergent and a bit of elbow grease, they’re ideal for cleaning your RV’s exterior. Try not to wash your RV on a hot day to prevent water streaks.

To remove roadwork tar, try a citrus-based product and allow it to soak into the tar before washing it off.


Scrub tyres with a stiff brush, wash clean with a mild detergent and then use a protective coating to minimise UV damage.


Windows can scratch easily, so clean them with a large sponge and a small amount of mild detergent in water. Avoid using any harsh cleaners. Windows streak when washed in the heat, so run cold water over them before drying with a chamois or microfibre cloth.


Soft window mesh needs to be treated gently. Wipe over softly with a 20:80 mix of vinegar and water and you will have them clean in no time.


Many commercial bleaches and mould removal products can damage protective coatings. We’ve tried all sorts of products, but now use oil of cloves. It’s environmentally friendly, and just a teaspoon in a bucket of warm water removes mould and prevents the spores from re-growing.  Having good air conditioning is also a big must!


• Shower – try using a shower gel rather than soap to prevent a build-up of soap scum.

• Cooktop – to cut through grease, use a citrus-based cleaner or sprinkle with bicarb soda, and then spray with undiluted vinegar before wiping off.

• All-round cleaner – to a 20:80 mix of vinegar and water, add a dash of dishwashing liquid and lemon juice. Keep in a spray bottle and use for showers, vinyl floors, internal walls, and benchtops.

• Microfibre cloths – keep a selection of these on hand as they have so many uses. Wash them regularly, but dry them in the shade and store in a dust-free place.


There’s a range of products available, but be careful as some scratch and make the aluminium susceptible to corrosion. Commercial products like Truck Wash or Purple get our thumbs up.

Whilst we’d all like a quick fix when it comes to cleaning, the bottom line is you can’t avoid using a bit of elbow grease at some stage. However, if you can use some environmentally friendly products that aren’t too demanding on your hip pocket, then that’s got to be a good thing!