Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’d know by now that in most of our states and territories, we don’t actually get a physical registration sticker anymore. The decision was made for a number of reasons – mainly because new technology that could scan licence plates was introduced, and it was a big cost financially and environmentally to send out rego stickers.

This cost cutting exercise by governments throughout Australia has actually caused a bigger problem than many of you would think. Australians, in particular those aged 64 and over, are getting stung hard with huge fines for driving unregistered vehicles. That’s right – there’s been a jaw-dropping 148% increase in infringements in the last 5 years in drivers 64 and over – and an overall estimated increase in government revenue of over 50%. This is in NSW alone – imagine what the damage is across the country?

This is an epidemic in every sense of the word. I had a chat to a few vanners around camp a few nights ago, one told us he’s been caught out twice, and another one checked right then and there and realised his Pajero was unregistered! I know myself I used to always have a glance over at the rego sticker to see if it was time to fill up some MP pockets – and since they removed the sticker, I’ve almost been caught out a few times!

Now – I know that many of you will be saying “big whoop – it’s the individual’s responsibility to be in control of their bills and accounts” – and I agree. However, these stats can’t be ignored! 148% shows that there’s a big problem here – and begs me to ask the question, why did rego stickers REALLY get removed. It was a cost cutting exercise – where did that cost go? Did our rego get cheaper? No. Funny that… Government rort? That could be a stretch. However, what we do know is that vanners are getting stung, and government revenue raising is in full affect!

It’s an even bigger problem for vanners on the road for months at a time – with no access to bills and mail, and no sticker – you could really get caught out. At the end of the day – governments won’t bring back rego stickers, so I encourage every one of you to make your own rego sticker. Write down rego due dates on a sticky label and put it up near your ‘next service’ sticker. I understand it’s hard to remember, but that’s no excuse for driving unregistered.

You could be driving unregistered right now – check out when yours is due and act now.

Have you been caught out? What do you think about this issue? Email me [email protected]