Filling your tow vehicle with the correct grade of oil becomes even easier thanks to Valvoline’s Engine Armour Diesel. With two grades to suit the age of your vehicle, a 5W-40 for newer engines and a 15W-50 for high mileage engines, Valvoline’s Engine Armour diesel actively works to minimise the soot caused by common rail diesel engines. Made using synthetic technology, Engine Armour Diesel provides enormous protection on cold starts and has been specifically made for 4WDs.

A 5L bottle of Valvoline Engine Armour Diesel in the 5W-40 retails for $48.88 and a 5L bottle of the 15W-50 retails for $38.88. To check out the whole range of sizes, gradients and viscosities, head online to
or phone 1800 458 237.