C&M Pre-Departure Checklist

6 August 2014

Exclusive Digital Content!

In issue 206 of C&M, Joseph describes the checks you should always do on RV before heading off - whether you're off on a big trip, a short weekend away, or just moving down the road to the next campsite.


Thorough checks are an absolute necessity when it comes to the maintenance and safety of your RV, you can not only save yourself a lot of hassle down the track by spotting issues earlier, but you could save yourself and your loved ones from serious injury. As well as completing your own checks, you should get your RV regularly serviced by the professisionals. 


To help you remember everything you need to check before you head off, download our Pre-Departure Checklists now! Written by our tech guru Joseph, they cover everything you should do before you leave a campsite. Our advice is to print them out, and laminate them or put them in individual plastic sleeves. Then, at each destination, you can use a whiteboard marker to check off each item - before wiping it clean and re-using it next time!


To download, click on the first image on the right to open it up to its full size. Then, right-click using your mouse and select "Save image as" from the menu. (The wording might be slightly different depending on the type of computer you have). Save each image to a folder you can find later, then open up each image in your favourite picture-viewing program. Find the option to Print, and voilà! If you're having troubles, head to www.facebook.com/caravanandmotorhome - the friendly RVers (and the C&M admins) in the C&M community will be able to help you out. 

CM Exterior Checklist
CM Interior Checklist
CM Hitch Checklist
CM Underbody Checklist