From CGear comes the Quicksand Mat – the new generation groundsheet that actively works to repel sand and dust from its top layer. Originally developed as a helimat for military aircraft landings in the desert, the Quicksand from CGear is the most versatile tool you can take with you when you’re free camping. Thanks to its multi-weave layered construction, sand and dirt falls through the mat leaving it as dry and particle free - making it ideal for free camping in sandy areas like the desert, or simply keeping the dust off your feet around your campsite. The Quicksand Mat is a breeze to keep clean too. When it’s time to pack up camp, the Quicksand mat can be hosed down, washed with detergents – it can even withstand high pressure spraying. Because it’s built with ripstop technology it won’t be weakened by tears or fray over time. Measuring 2 x 2m and available in four colours including baby blue, lime, ruby red and turquoise, the Quicksand Mat dries quickly and folds away into a compact size making it perfect for the storing in your van’s tunnel boot.

The Quicksand Mat’s real magic all hinges upon two things – gravity and multiple layers. The mat is constructed from multiple layers of a high density, knitted polyethylene material that actively works to filter particles like sand, dust and dirt downwards. Gravity then keeps the particles from rising through the mat, guaranteeing you a surface that won’t leave half your campsite stuck to your feet.

The Quicksand Mat from CGear retails for $129. To find out more and to watch a video of how it works, head to www.cgear.com.au or phone (03) 9645 4447