Let’s face it – if we all had the choice we would be out on the road as much as possible. But thanks to life’s necessities like work, seeing family and keeping up appearances, many people’s RVs only get used once a year or less. The last thing you want is to jump into your RV after a long period of absence to find your batteries have run flat – that’s where the Universal OC-PRO 1200 from Oz Charge comes in. The PRO 1200 12 Volt Battery Charger actively works to keep your conventional lead-acid battery in the best condition possible, even after long periods of disuse. Not only does this extend the lifespan of your deep cycle batteries, it also gives you impressive reliability when you’re hundreds of kays from the nearest town because you know it’s been kept healthy whilst in storage. Best of all, it can handle any size battery from 3Ah to 240Ah. All batteries start to lose charge over time. The Pro 1200 features a unique maintenance mode that feeds a small current through the battery to keep its cells rejuvenated and charged – perfect for vanners who only get out once or twice a year. But the Pro 1200 isn’t just for the odd trip – it also features a rapid charge mode for regular travellers who often drain their batteries when at camp. The Pro 1200 comes with a quick connect fly lead, a heavy duty crocodile clip harness and terminal ring harness for easy installation. With a power draw of less than 0.36W on the lowest setting and a specific silent charge mode, it’s so quiet that you’ll forget that it’s even there.

• 9-stage charging for seamless performance
and true reliability
• Eco Mode for ultra-low power
• Selectable battery types – choose
between AGM, calcium and gel
• 12V state of charge indicator
• Pulse charge for long term
• Silent charge mode that charges at
a reduced rate to keep the cooling
fan inactive
• Fully DIY installation

The Oz Charge OC-PRO 1200 retails for $249. To find out more head to www.ozcharge.com.au or phone (03) 9482 2203.