FRED’S FUMING! The Biggest Caravan Rego Rort Ever


Fred's Two Bob

I am absolutely fuming! And here’s why.

Just registered a brand new caravan in NSW that had been registered in Victoria not two weeks earlier.

To start with, the new caravan had to be towed to a registered weigh bridge to receive a certificate for its weight – cost $45. Not including travel time or fuel costs to get there.

Next it had to be re-inspected to get the pink slips which took about two hours – cost $100. Not including travel time or fuel.

But wait, there’s more when getting a caravan registered in NSW.

It’s a rip-off compared to the cost of re-registering in other states and what’s wrong with Victorian rego? However, spare a thought for the average battler who’s spent his hard earned on a new van purchased in Victoria, only to be slugged with all these new fees when following the law and re-registering in NSW.

Let’s hear your thoughts about this rip-off or are we to completely accept excessive charges on a van just registered in another state?

Watch out because you could be next to be taken for a ride and not in your RV. It’s time to stand up for a fair go.

What do you reckon? Have you had a similar experience? Send me an email at [email protected]