Easy DIY "Dual Battery System"

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Easy DIY "Dual Battery System"

Post by tar trekka » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi there,

An easy DIY Dual Battery setup.

1) Wire & Mount a 50 AMP Anderson Plug to the “Cranking Battery”, using a MAXI BLADE FUSE HOLDER, I used 40 AMP Fuse.

2) Mount a POWERTECH 124 AMP BATTERY ISOLATOR MB - 3687 (Available at Jaycar, $50-00), between the “Cranking Battery” and the Auxiliary Battery”.

3) Using 6 mm Cable, connect the Battery Isolator to the “Cranking Battery”, with an Anderson Plug on the “Cranking Battery” end.

4) Connect the “Battery Isolator” to the “Auxiliary Battery”.


On the Cable between the “Auxiliary Battery” and “Load Area” in the back of my Cruiser, I used a MAXI BLADE FUSE HOLDER with a 30 AMP Fuse. ( Auto Spares, about $30-00 each from memory).

Maxi Blade Fuses used to “Reduce Volts Drop” across the Fuses.

“Anderson Plug” used at the “Cranking Battery” to “Disconnect the System”, when not needed, when at Home & the “Auxiliary Battery” on “Smart Charger” 24 / 7.

Also, if I charge the “Auxiliary Battery” in a Caravan Park & will be “Freedom Camping”, I Disconnect the System, so my “Auxiliary Battery” is FULL when I get to my next Destination.

I also Disconnect the “Anderson Plug” from the Cruiser to the Caravan, for the same reason as the above Paragraph.

Tar Trekka.

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