High volume compressed air on the road

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High volume compressed air on the road

Post by Old Techo » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:11 am

At home I have a couple of air compressors and use them regularly for jobs other than tyre related. Consequently I miss this ability when on the road.

A couple of years ago I made up an adaptor to connect my short air hose and trigger nozzle to my gas bottle. I figured I could use this if necessary in the right and safe circumstances to blow out (not up) something needing compressed air. It could even be used to inflate a tyre in an emergency if my 12 volt compressor failed.

The typical 12 volt compressor lacks a storage cylinder and is capable of high pressures, but only very low volumes, thus useless for blowing things out. This morning when gazing at my navel it occurred to me that a tyre could be used as a source of compressed air. So I plan to make another adaptor, this time a tee, to connect my short air hose and nozzle to any tyre valve and the 12 volt compressor at the same time. The tyre will then become the storage cylinder for the Mickey Mouse compressor :D
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Re: High volume compressed air on the road

Post by jock » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:20 am

Yeah O.T....Using the spare tyre as a high volume compressed air container/tank is an old 4WD trick... Was advocated mainly for puncture repairs - blowing the tyre bead onto the rim quickly enough to get a seal.
I made up a kit for an old Landy when we used to do a fair bit of wilderness, off-road type adventuring but, funny thing, never ever had reason to use it.... Always used to drive around with over 60 lb. pressure in the spare.

Jock :)

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Re: High volume compressed air on the road

Post by Bundyrumandcoke » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:31 am

I have an ARB compressor. in conjunction with the air lockers. It comes with a quick disconnect, and airline for tyre inflation. I put a T into the system before the quick disconnect, and ran an airline to a converted fire extinguisher, which lives behind the left wing of my bullbar. It is one with the brass head, and 3 fittings, originally gauge, hose out, and activation pin, in addition to the feed from inside the cylinder itself. I drilled and tapped these fittings so I have air in, air out to airhorns, and pressure relief valve. The ARB system comes with a high low pressure switch, set at 120/90 psi. Fully automatic, and it gives me a reasonable air supply at 120psi.

I have seen bull bar tubes plumbed to become air tanks, and hollow section side steps. Your only limited by your imagination.

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Re: High volume compressed air on the road

Post by GerryP » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:50 pm

You're right Bundy, both my sidesteps are air receivers. Not sure how many litres they hold, but certainly enough to get a very good, quite long blast of high pressure air. Used it only last week to blow out the scale in the hot water service in the van after it started to play up.
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