Convert a size C battery torch to take size AA batteries.

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Re: Convert a size C battery torch to take size AA batteries

Post by TramcarTrev » Thu May 05, 2016 10:27 am

GerryP wrote:I too bought one a couple of years ago, a small unit (about 2" long) which takes one AA size battery. The battery though is 3.2v (or thereabouts?) lithium ion and is like a spotlight when focused.

However, it also works very well on a standard AA 1.5v battery. Not as bright, but still extremely good. The only issue I have is that the rechargeable lithiums don't go dim as they flatten, they just stop dead and leave you with no light at all. Not so when using standard AA's.

From memory, I paid something like $18 for the torch, 2 lithium batteries and a battery charger. It's been faultless since I bought it and carry it around in my pocket at night while camping.
They would be 18650 batteries probably Gerry. The reason they just shut down is that Li-ion batteries have a small chip in them that prevents over discharge or over charge, you can get the "protection" seperatley but most batteries have them built in; ... XQLs5RvYSg
But hey isnt it amazing how technology marches ever onwards, I remember paying about $80 for an aluminium "watchmans torch" with 4 D cells in it.... Actually I think they were more designed to attack interuders with rather than be a torch.... Now I can get 4 times the light out of this torch that is pocket comfortable and rechargeable....
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