Consent to Publish



1.            You request Express Publications Pty Limited (Express) to publish your articles and /or photos (Works) on its website and you give your consent to Express to do so.


2.            Express agrees to publish your Works on its website subject to this Agreement.


3.            You acknowledge and agree that there will be no fee charged by you or  Express for your Work being published on the Express website.


4.            You give Express permission to amend your grammar in your Work including the right to alter, modify, add or delete part of your Work including not identifying you as the author of the Work.


5.            You give Express permission to delete any part of your Work which is obscene or otherwise deemed by Express to be not politically correct.


6.            You warrant to Express that your Works are original and do not :


(a)       infringe any existing copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party;

(b)       contain any defamatory material as defined by the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW);

(c)        include material which is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive viewers;

(d)       contain obscene or illegal material;

(e)       contain content that breaches any law.


7.            You will provide Express with an indemnity in the event that you breach your warranty set out in this Agreement against all loss, injury or damage

(including legal costs or expenses properly incurred) occasioned to Express in consequence of any breach by you of this warranty.


8.            Subject to this Agreement you will retain all copyright in your Works.


9.            You warrant that you have obtained the necessary consents of third parties to display their trademarks and other intellectual property on our website.


10.         You warrant that in your Works you will not provide any links whether legal or illegal links to third party websites.


11.         You may use our web address to link our website to another website provided that the other website is a legal website.  Such link shall not be construed as Express endorsing that other website.


12.         You acknowledge that you will provide a statement on your Works as to whether you permit it to be copied or downloaded. In the event that you do not provide such a statement then our website will have a general prohibition to copying, downloading, printing material or linking material to another website.


13.         This Agreement is governed by the law of NSW and the Commonwealth of Australia and you unconditionally and irrevocably agree to submit to the courts of either jurisdiction.


14.         By submitting your Works to Express to republish on its website you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the conditions above.