Let’s look at some tips for keeping your fragile items in one piece


As much as we want to avoid carrying fragile items in our RVs, that’s not always possible. But there is nothing worse than arriving at our destination and finding there’s been a breakage of some sort. Let’s look at a range of simple, but effective, solutions to help protect these items.


Most of us today travel with a microwave oven fitted in our RVs. Protecting the glass plate is paramount, since it’s not a cheap item to replace. One method is to keep it wrapped in a towel when travelling. Another option is to create a pocket by sewing some padded material on three sides, slide the plate inside and store it inside the microwave when you hit the road.


If you’re the kind of RVer that doesn’t like to travel with your TV on the swivel arm, then finding somewhere to protect and store it when travelling makes sense. Some RVers place their TV on the bed when travelling, while others place it back in its original box and store it under the bed. Our method is to use a large laptop-type bag, to which we’ve added some foam for additional protection. This is easy to store under the bed when travelling.


For many RVers, travelling with anything other than glasses or ceramic mugs isn’t an option. The best way to ensure they travel in one piece is to separate them. This can easily be achieved by using some scrap cardboard and a glue gun, and creating dividers in one of your RV drawers – a simple and effective storage solution!


Travelling with glass bottles often can’t be always be avoided; many condiments and most alcohol are available only in glass containers. Protection for these bottles can be achieved by using a variety of techniques including bubble wrap, tea towels and old socks. Another option for smaller bottles is to use the cardboard packs in which some alcoholic beverages come when purchased. Keep your bottles upright in these packs and store them under an RV seat.


It’s difficult to go past plastic baskets and trays for protecting items when you’re travelling. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find what you need for a specific cupboard, drawer, and even your fridge, to help prevent spillages. They’re cheap and lightweight, which makes them a cost effective and simple solution.

If you want to ensure you arrive at your destination with no surprises, why not adopt one or more of these methods to help keep your fragile items intact? Safe travels!