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Rob & Marg on Tour

  •   After twelve months of travelling around Australia we have finally finished the last leg of the trip (the Snowy region, ACT and the South Coast of NSW). We’ve packed up the contents of the van and we’re back home – ready to recall at... | More

Park Profiles

Forster Beach Holiday...

Forster Beach Holiday Park has got to be the Holiday Coast's best accommodation location. We stayed here and parked right up against the... | More

Quick Trips

Margaret River, WA
  Exquisite locally produced cheeses, jams, olives and fresh seafood will whet anybody's appetite. For the sweet-toothed holidaymaker... | More

More travel articles

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      Ever had one of those 'wotindaworld' moments? You know, when you're quietly driving along the bitumen... | More
  • Natural Beauty
      It is a camper's and caravanner's mecca with seven parks to choose from and a fantastic range of... | More
  • Coast to Coast
      Driving into VIC, you'll notice road signs that repeat the same message – power nap. Weary? Power nap... | More
  • Dampier Dreaming
      The town of Dampier, located north of Broome and Roebuck Bay, is an amazing area for adventure-... | More
  • Tropical Touring
      There are two questions I always ask myself when travelling to new places. One, why would RVers want... | More
  • Sydney RV Group...
      Sydney RV Group was recently given the prestigious Award of Excellence - Best Dealer/Retailer/... | More
  • Far From Plain
      For Western Australians, a road trip that involves crossing the Nullarbor Plain isn't simply a way of... | More
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        In over 20 years of travelling this great country, I can recall many memorable touring... | More