Winjana RV shows us how 5th Wheeler technology has eliminated van sway for good!

Towing safety is incredibly important when on the road as incidences out of your control can arise that could cause changes to your driving. Winjana RV’s 5th Wheeler’s are the safest way to tow, as their turntable technology ensures they will never sway. Not only are they incredibly safe, they’re also ultra convenient offering extra payload and tighter manoeuvrability.



A Winjana RV 5th Wheeler is a caravan that is hooked up into the tray of your tow vehicle like a gooseneck. The name ‘5th Wheeler’ is all in the design – where the RV attaches to the tow vehicle is called a turntable (hitch) and looks like a wheel. As RVs generally have four existing wheels the turntable is referred to as the ‘5th wheel’.

Sitting in the centre of the tray-back, the 5th Wheel is positioned directly over the rear axles and attached to the chassis of your tow rig, this provides extra support and stability for your RV.


There are many advantages to a Winjana RV 5th Wheeler, after 17 years in the business Winjana are the experts in 5th Wheeler technology. They offer a far superior payload than standard caravans as they attach to the chassis of your tow vehicle, rather than the towbar. Towbars are generally allowed a ball weight of 300-350kg and are easy to overload, the Winjana RV 5th Wheeler gives a straight pin load of 400kg with up to 600kg of utility weight in the tray. This gives you far more weight for all of your gizmos and gadgets! The other great advantage of a Winjana RV 5th Wheeler is that they hook up and unhook at a much greater angle than conventional caravans. This means they are far easier to reverse and manoeuvre. With a Winjana RV 5th Wheeler there’s no need for wide swings, the turntable allows you to make much sharper turns and reverse far easier into those tight spots at caravan parks.

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The main reason Winjana RV 5th Wheelers are so much safer is that they do not sway at all! Wind or oncoming traffic such as trucks or road trains will have a very minimal effect on the 5th Wheeler. The towing point is set up over the rear axle of your tow vehicle, meaning there is no pendulum effect like you might have with tow ball towing that is set a metre back from the axle. This is the same turntable system that semi-trailer’s use, as it’s ultra safe!

If you were to suddenly jerk the wheel of your Winajan RV 5th Wheeler to avoid a kangaroo, the 5th Wheeler would simply follow the arc of your tow vehicle. Whereas a standard caravan may begin to fishtail and become uncontrollable. Eliminate van sway forever with a Winjana RV 5th Wheeler!



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