Carrying a spare tyre

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Carrying a spare tyre

Post by dieseltojo » Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:49 am

Going a bit further from home or rough country it is sometimes a good idea to carry an extra spare for security. I must say that I have never had to use the second spare on my van but on desert trips i sure have when just driving with the 4x4 and tenting on the whole trip.
Some go for the extra wheel holder and the complete set up but it all depends on the country.
Flat fast dirt or ordinary tracks, I have always been OK with just a carcase tied to the spare tyre. This saves weight and the constant weight of a full rim and bracket etc on the back of a van.

Its not pretty, but easy to do. Tying it on is an easy way, but I made a simple padded bracket for outback trips. It stops the thing hanging down takes all the weight and keeps it stable.
I have never had a problem with the extra weight on the bracket with a tyre on, bat I have seen brackets fall off with a couple of bikes on them. If in doubt with yours , it is not hard to strengthen the existing bracket.

Yep it doesn't look great and you need the ability to change your own tyres, but I carry the equipment to do all that on the truck and van tyres are a soda in comparison. It is not hard to leave the flat for later and stop in a town if necessary though. I have never been caravanning more than a couple of days away from a town as my van is not really set up for rough roads.
The trick is not to tell the van where it is going and go slow in the rough..... :)
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