curtain pullers

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curtain pullers

Post by Old Techo » Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:58 pm

Perhaps I am one of a handful left on the planet that has those house window drapes that are controlled by cords that you pull to open and close. The cord hangs loosely with a weight at the bottom. The trouble is you never know which cord to pull to open or close. Also they are thin cords and not that easy to grip when the load is high.

It took me many years to get tired of this issue but eventually I had an idea. Firstly fit a hook to the window frame to stop the cord twisting. Then fit some small dowels as tee handles for both grip and direction indicators. Just pull the high one to reverse the current situation.

The dowels are 50mm long with a slight vee cut/ground in the centre to maintain the cord loop position. To avoid direction confusion when the drapes are half open and the dowels similar height just colour one of them, say blue for sky meaning pull that one to open.
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