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Post by nimdA » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:17 am

Hi Members. I received a suggestion that we should have a dedicated area to discuss men's health. As a fit and healthy person this had not occurred to me but I agree it is a good idea. Having been reminded I do have friends in their twenties and thirties who have experienced moderate to serious health issues so it is not just the realm of our mature citizens.

Men's health was the suggestion because "real men" don't talk about these matters. As recommended to me it is time "real men" opened up as men are no less vulnerable to failing heath than our fairer sex. Speaking of the ladies, they have equal billing. I created a new forum called "Health" and it contains sub-forums for both men and women. I could have left it simply as a "Health" forum for both sexes but I felt the emphasis on getting men to talk would be lost.

If any member has raised health matters and thinks it should be moved into the new forum please send me a Private Message with a link to the topic or some key words from a post that I can search. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Clancy (Global Moderator)

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