Heartbreak or Borroloola?

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Re: Heartbreak or Borroloola?

Post by J.REEVES » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:12 am

I have only ever taken one tyre spare for the van and one for the vehicle. Years ago had the van stud pattern fitted to take the vehicle tyre stud pattern if required and the van fit the vehicle. Now with 18” wheels on the vehicle and a massive off set the van 16”wheels will not fit the vehicle front as the brakes are too big and they will not fit inside 16”rims.

I need to carry special Toyota wheel nuts if we need to fit a Toyota tyre on the van as they are not your standard wheel nut. I remember paying something like $18.00 a nut and then ran a 9/16” UNF tap through them to fit my 9/16”van studs. It was not nice running a tap through $18.00 nuts. It took about three threads before the thread would cross the Toyota 14mm thread. Naturally this is only a temporary measure until we get the normal tyre fixed.

With a spare tyre tube and those Kevlar tyre plugs I have never needed a second spare.
I use a tyre pressure transmitter monitor now and find it very good that gives me time to stop before there is nothing left of the tyre and rim.


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Re: Heartbreak or Borroloola?

Post by Old Techo » Tue Nov 13, 2018 6:08 pm

After this teeth-rattling run I wondered how my Prado tow-bar bolts were. I do check them regularly and usually one or more of the six need nipping up.

Today I found three still tight, two needed a 1/8 turn and one a 1/4 turn.

I think I mentioned earlier that no wheel nut had any slack.
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