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Frank & Brenda
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September Edition

Post by Frank & Brenda » Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:28 pm

Just reading the September edition, there's an article on saving money while touring
On page 67 I found this as the last point
Now whilst I agree with this fully I find it hard to understand how someone would have 463kg of unwanted items in a caravan seeing as you are only allowed 400kg in total :???:
THEN on the very next page the first 2 points are
Sorry but all I can say is WTFlipping heck?
Plant a herb garden in a styrofoam box to take around with you? How much does that weigh?
buying HUGE bags of carrots and potatoes, HELLO weight reduction
Maybe that's where the 463kg came from??

Come on CandM check what is being printed

BTW my subscription ran out years ago because of some of these stupid mistakes
I get the mag online through my Library and a handy little app
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Re: September Edition

Post by Jay&dee » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:32 am

Great post Frank & Brenda.
I can not for the life of me understand how the above fuel consumption as mention can deliver a saving of $500. Unless the following took place.

For the purpose of this exercise lets round it up as say

Loaded .................16 litres to the 100 klms.
Reduced load ..... 14 litres to the 100 klms.
a saving of say 2 litres at $1.50 per litre equates to $3 per 100 klms.

The said savings was $500 let's divide that by the $3 dollars per 100 klms, equates 160 times x100 klms = 16,000 klms.
Hard to accept that this exercise was conducted over 16,000klms for each of the two trips mentioned.
Me thinks the $500 is a typo.
Could be proved wrong.?????


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