Morton Bay Caravan Camping & 4x4 Expo

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Morton Bay Caravan Camping & 4x4 Expo

Post by Archer63 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:07 pm

Wife and I just returned from visiting the above expo.

Apart from being stinking hot, there seemed to be a lot of exhibitors there with a good range of vans. For us, we are looking to upgrade within the next couple of years to a larger van than our current Jayco Swan Outback and we are looking in particular at single axel vans with a north/south bed (wouldn't be much of an upgrade if we still had to climb over each other to get out of bed), ensuite etc. Luckily for us there were quite a few examples of these vans which we gave a very basic score between 0-5. That basic score was only to narrow down the field down a bit and wasn't based on too much except for general ambience, fittings, layout & claustrophobic etc.
There were one or two that looked OK, but the ceiling was so low there was only a couple of cm's between the air con and my head ...and I am only 185cm !!

While my experience with vanning is still quite green compared to many, I do pay attention to cabinetry joins, fittings, sealing and general layout. Unfortunately a weak area is being able to spot bad wiring setups unless it looks like a bird nest, so will have to try and focus on that stuff.

In general, the quality of the vans we saw at first glance appeared to be pretty good, with no obvious poor sealing effort around Windows & benches etc, but little quality control things like poor cabinet alignment bugs me and it didn't seem to matter at what price range the vans were. Some were very good and some less so.

This is the first time the wife and I have been as we normally only go to the big show at the Ekka every second year and the local one at the Cleveland Show grounds, but this one at Redcliffe was certainly bigger.

Sales people are sales people though....whether they be used car sales people or not :roll:

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Re: Morton Bay Caravan Camping & 4x4 Expo

Post by Jay&dee » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:45 pm

Just had a look at the web site.

Will try and make a visit to Redcliffe this weekend to check it out.

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