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Forum Rules & Standards

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Forum Posting Rules:
  • URLs can be part of a signature, but with no embellishments whatsoever.
    Members may not advertise (provide information and/or a url of another site) within their post.
    Reference to commercially related material can be included in the copy if it’s in discussion and there are no commercial obligations or benefit from the post.
    Users must be respectful to other members when discussing/debating issues.
    Posts are not to contain any material that can be viewed as libelous or slanderous.
    No material of a derogatory nature will be allowed.
    Personal attacks or interference will not be tolerated.
    No Flaming (posting to incite) or bullying.
    Antagonism in posting will not be tolerated
    Administrators, Moderators & Staff Members of EMG will be afforded the same respect as all other members.
    Private Messages must not be distributed
    BBcode is limited to that which is available in the Message Edit area - selectable Icons Only
Maintaining the Peace
  • A member breaking the rules of the forum may be warned or even immediately suspended depending upon the severity of the transgression.
    The Administration team will review the severity of any transgression and determine if the member should be permanently removed, including posts.
    The decision to warn, suspend or ban an individual will not be made public but communicated by one of the administrators via Private Message to the user.
Note to all:
All members can be active in how the forum runs; if you see an issue with a post or topic, you can raise the issue with Admin, Moderator, or C&M staff and it will be addressed – confidentially.
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