Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by Joves » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:38 pm

Hi Lance,

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply and for your advice.

We are in the heart of Sydney, so I’m guessing we are in the least conducive environment possible to be visiting a caravan park. We will absolutely look to see what might be close though, as that is very good advice.

Great advice though, so thank you. We will definitely check and see which parks might be closest to us. I’m imagining we may probably be surprised.

Thanks again,


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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by Joves » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:40 pm

Thanks BigBoots, we’l definitely check the TradingPost for potential vans and the site you provided for weight clarification!

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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by Bussy » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:42 pm

G’day Aaron, and welcome.

Exciting times and lots of things to think about already but sorry I am going to add a few more. Not trying to be negative, just constructive. You have touched on tow weights but will need extra wiring at the tug and bigger rear view mirrors, possible WDH set-up too.

My advice is to firstly hire a van of similar style or layout to what you have in mind, say for 1 week, take it home and have a practise getting into and out of your property a couple of times. Maybe have a sleep over in it for 1 night at home so you know what to expect and what you will need. Then pack up some tucker and head off for a few days somewhere close by to see how your family like it. I know you will not get to hire the perfect van but at least you can get one that’s maybe close enough to see what it’s all about so you can tweak your wish list. It may pay to hire a couple of different sorts of vans whilst you are shopping around. Good excuse for a couple of WE away.

Now for my list, again apologies if you have already thought of these.
1. Where is the van going to be stored?
2. If it’s at your home, do you have room for it?
3. Being from central Sydney, is it going to be easy to get it out when you want to get away and get it back in when you get back home?
4. Is there enough room in your street to swing it out and reverse it back into its spot when cars are parked up nearby and opposite? Would local traffic flow make this harder/impossible?
5. Is there enough height clearance to enable it to fit under carports, eaves, trees etc.? Width clearance too as it will be up to 2.5m wide.
6. If it’s going to be held in storage, how far away, what’s the cost and how much of a hassle to get it out, back to your place to pack up before going away? Can it be parked in your street safely whilst you pack or unpack? If it gets too hard you may just put off going.
7. If it’s in storage most days, does this up your insurance premium?

Cheers - Allan
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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by Joves » Thu May 02, 2019 10:15 pm

G’day Allan,

Thanks for your welcome and detailed message and sorry for the delayed reply.

They’re great points to consider, none of which I see as being negative at all. All suggestions are considered constructive, particularly given our lack of experience, so are greatly appreciated.

I agree that hiring a few different vans before purchasing is a good idea. Also at least taking a look through a few to see their true sizes and features. We are actually off to the Sydney Caravan and Camping Show tomorrow, so will get a chance to at least do this.

The more I think about it, the more I think we are probably best thinking of getting a motor home. It seems that towing capacities, tare weights and payloads are a very hard thing to get right when trying to utilise a vehicle currently being used for day to day use. The right setup could very well require a separate tug and trailer, so getting a Motorhome might be something to consider. If we find that on-road travels and on-grid/off-grid holidays are all that we hope for them to be, and feel that they likely will be, we’ll happily invest in something which allows us to do this as regularly as possible and in as much comfort as possible. We’ve considered buying a holiday home but, the more we think about it, the more we feel that it would be mad to restrict our holidays to the one single place.

In answer to your very sensible considerations:

1. We have no idea as yet
2. No, we do not have room for it full time. We could house it for short periods, but long-time it would just be in the way
3. I’ve looked into some storage options and there appear to be some within a reasonably doable distance to allow for travelling as regularly as we are able
4. Wouldn’t be housed full time at our home, but manoeuvring it wouldn’t be a problem when we do
5. No
6. See answer 4. Parking would be fine at home whilst packing and unpacking for a trip
7. I have no idea, but assume it probably would have an impact. Again, not a massively deciding factor

It’s amazing how searching one van leads to another slightly bigger, then another slightly more luxurious, then another bigger and more luxurious again until you finally find yourself at the point that we are... which is thinking a Sunliner Monte Carlo Motorhome could be just the ticket :)

Let’s see how tomorrow’s caravan and camping show goes. We have a tendency to be quite impulsive!

Thanks again for your help, Allan!

Aaron and Annika

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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by dublediff » Sat May 04, 2019 2:17 pm

G'day guys. Best of luck with tour caravan touring when it comes around. On the subject of your x5 towing capacity you have heaps of options, I towed a jayco outback journey tandem for a couple of years wihtout a hitch, pardon the pun! Had wdh to equa,ise the load on the drawbar and the car towed well. My van was only 17 feet so not on the heavy side. My brother towed a jayco base station with his x5 also without problems. Check your tyre ratings for the xtra load. You might be able to get light truck tyres in the appropriate size for your rims. If not there are lots of second hand rims for your car and you could have a towing pair and a cruising pair. I had hankooks on mine but can,t recall the model and they didn't seem to affect the handling too much.

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Re: Short time stalkers, first time talkers!

Post by Joves » Thu May 16, 2019 10:07 am

Hi Dublediff,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for taking so long to acknowledge it.

That’s great news regarding the X5’s towing ability. We have, however, decided that it is time to upgrade from the X5, being that we have had it since new and it is now out of warranty (with a few small, but expensive items already having shown up). As such, we have just purchased a new Land Rover Discovery SD6 HSE. It has allowed us the towing capacity to purchase a van large enough to cater for our family (and more, if need be), so we have also purchased a new 20ft Expanda Outback.

Vehicle arrives mid June and van arrives mid-August, so should be set for a fun trip during September school holidays.

Thanks again to everyone for your advice!


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